Landseer and Afghan Hound Kennel

Landseer (Kiara)

Actual Litter plan:

Coming soon! Expected at spring of 2019!

Hungarian Champion
Hungarian Show Champion
Hungarian Grand Champion!
Slovakian Champion
Croatian Champion
Our landseer Kiara has performed very well in her exhibitions so far, she has always had at least excellent qualifications or titles from her puppy age, and she has almost always received the Best of Breed title. In the ring she is disciplined, calm, beautifully showing his teeth, his movements, I can praise her.
Exhibitions to date: 

2015.08.02 Herend CAC K1 HPJ Best Junior

2015.08.22 Debrecen Éjszakai CACIB K1

2015.10.18 Szeged CAC K1 HPJ

2016.01.10 Budapest CACIB K1

2016.02.18 Fehova CACIB K1

2016.03.12 Pécs CACIB K1 CAC CACIB

2016.03.13 Pécs CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2016.06.04 Budapest CACIB K1 CAC res.CACIB

2016.10.23 Dunaújváros CAC K1 CAC BOB

2016.12.03 Nitra CACIB K1 CAC res.CACIB

2016.12.04 Nitra CACIB K1 CAC

2017.02.19 Bratislava K1 CAC

2017.03.26 Salgótarján CAC K1 CAC BOB

2017.04.23 Mosonmagyaróvár K1 CAC BOB

2017.04.28 Zadar CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2017.04.29 Zadar CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2017.04.30 Zadar CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2017.05.01 Zadar CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2017.05.20 Pápa CAC K1 CAC BOB

2007.05.20 Pápa Eszterházy CAC K1 CAC BOB

2017.06.03 Nitra-Grand Prix 2017 K1 CAC res.CACIB

2017.06.10 Agárd CACIB K1 CAC CACIB BOB

2017.12.02 Budapest Champion of Champion II.helyezett

2017.12.03 Budapest President Cup K1 CAC CACIB BOB



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