Landseer and Afghan Hound Kennel

Khau Carreras Mirabell

Our beautiful afghan hound Mirabell

Mirabell is a charming and exceptional afghan hound beauty, if you look at her big, deep-brown eyes you will know what she thinks about you, her environment and the whole world. She is the one in whom you will really fall in love. Afhan hound s are characterized by being distant and well-spaced, but it's understandable for them form puppy age… we also do not like if all strangers come and touch us everywhere, so they are absolutely right.

Mirabell our afghan hound is also like this, first, she observes you carefully, you can court her, if you are not likeable for her, she will not come to you, and if you go to her, she will move away scornfully, but once you find path to her heart, she will try to please you in everything. She snuggles, she pokes with her long nose to keep your attention because you deserve her trust and love. She has a very sensitive nature.

As I realised, they are very different from other dogs from her puppy ages, this can not be described, you must acknowledgede them and convert yourself in  an „Afghan hound lover”. Having an Afghan hound is a lifestile, sometimes its time-consuming, but in any case worth it. Thank you Mirabell for being here and thanks go to Zolin and Lisa for the great care that Mirabell and we got and get.

Her afghan hound mother: Faricka Jahatma Janinah Her afghan hound Dad: Golea’s Unique

Mother of our afghan hound Mirabell

Father of our afghan hound Mirabell

Afghan hound breed description

Pedigree of Mirabell afghan hound:
Pedigree of our afghan hound Mirabell

Common Awards of our afghan hound Mirabell and our landseer Kiara:

Awards of our afghan hound Mirabell and our landseer Kiara

Mirabell, our afghan hound: 



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