Landseer and Afghan Hound Kennel

Ingrid Gyöngye Adél

Kiara our landseer after puppy ages as adult

This is our landseer Adél(Kiara) shes a really nice big teddy bear. She loves being close to us, watching us, guarding us, she is the kindergarten teacher among other dogs. She enters every heart with kisses and giving fives. As landseer, worthy of her breed she loves to swim from puppy age … its hard to challenge her out from the water, she can swim up and down for hours without stopping, its in her blood as landseer from puppy ages. Without any partiality, she is a very nice Landseer within her breed, she is very successful on the exhibitions from puppy age, she receives excellent opinions from the judges. At her first 4 day CACIB exhibition at Zadar/Croatia she impressed  all judges, she received only excelent rating from every judge and we were and are really proud. It is difficult to go around without being noticed. People stop us in queue to take a common photos. She are very well-behaving landseer and she would do anything for us. 

Her landseer mother: Jéke Kincse Zima Kiara landseer grandparents:
Jéke Kincse Ella
Josef vom Hasetal


Her landseer father: Estike-Bérczy Baileys Kiara landseer grandparents:


Bankóspusztai Delfina
Kullarnas Atravarde Accra (Aaron)

Landseer Breed description


Pedigree of landseer Kiara:
Pedigree of our landseer Kiara
FCI certificate for breeding of our landseer Kiara

Screenings  of landseer Kiara:

Dysplasia Screenings  of landseer Kiara
Dysplasia Screenings  of landseer Kiara 2

Diplomas  of landseer Kiara:

Croatian Champion diploma for landseer Kiara
Hungarian Show Champion diploma for landseer Kiara
Hungarian Champion diploma for landseer Kiara

Slovakian Champion diploma for landseer Kiara

Awards  of landseer Kiara:
Awards of landseer Kiara

PIctures of our landseer Kiara:



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