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Mirabell, our Afghan Hound Princess


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Kiara, our Teddy Bear Landseer

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About us

I'm Dorottya Gál, I live with my husband Carlos, our landseer Kiara, Afghan Hound Mirabell and a main coon-Persian mixed cat Nina. We all lived in Budapest together with the Landseer and the Afghan Hound since their puppy age. I worked as dog groomer in my own business in Páty(Animal Paradise Dog Grooming).

In the fall of 2018 we moved to the sunny Mallorca and now we live here with our little family. 

I have been fond of dogs since I was a kid, I have been reading, studying and learning about them, I meet with the landseer and afghan hound breed first time in books. I have always had a special relationship with them, I understood their body language and I know when and what they needed from their puppy age. My first dog was not a landseer , she was a beagle puppy, her name was Szuszi, from whom I learned a lot over the years, she was very important to me, I loved her very much. Until today, when I see a beagle, my heart is squeezed. She arrive as puppy and she left at age 16 " for the eternal hunting grounds". 

We meet with the landseer as a breed first time at  2009 in a dog exhibition where we totally fell in love with this lovely dear, "lovely teddy". Our first landseer puppy arrived in 2011, but because of an  unfortunate accident she was in our family only for 3 years.

Our first landseer Maja's departure left a very big void in our hearts, so after a long search, in the autumn of 2014, Kiara puppy, our actual landseer arrived to our family (Ingrid Gyöngye Adél) and also the small afghan hound puppy Mirabell (Khau Carreras Mirabell). 

With them we would like to taste the world of the exhibitions. Our landseer Kiara was a good performer at the Hungarian shows from puppy age, so we were tempted to try her in the international rings between new foreign landseer's, where she also performed very well. Currently she is Hungarian Champion, Hungarian Show Champion, Croatian Champion and Slovak Champion candidate landseer. We are very proud and we really thank Agnes Somogyi for this beautifullandseer, she's a really lovely teddy bear landseer whom we really love.

Mirabell, our afghan hound, excellenced mostly shes career on the coursing track, so we often show her there. As afghan hound Mirabell is a true beauty and a real personality from her puppy age. At first glance you love her distinguished, self-conscious presence.

Our landseer Kiara in a dogshow

Our afghan hound Mirabell in a coursing racing

Kiara is very peaceful, friendly, worthy of her kind, a real "lovely teddy" landseer like an eternal puppy. Everyone gets caught with kisses and high fives. As a landseer she loves to swim, run around with her friends, she loves to play balls, loves people, especially kids, and she always happy. She's always watching us from the corner of her eye. 

Mirabell as afghan hound is a real lady, with her own restrained, but at the same time with her fickle character. She is  charming, retracting, graceful, lively and also very "well-educated", a real princess as the afghan hound's. With her, as the most afghan hound, you can sit indoors in the most expensive restaurants, you can go to the most elegant hotels because she know what it means to be polite and how to behave, but if we go out to the meadow where she can run freely, she e does not know impossible, she notices every moving think around from afar, she rushes in giant speed and she is not be stopped. She is a very sophisticated individual, you just admire her, admire and falls in love, this is the afghan houns style.

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